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Regular Manicure $25

Relax with our professional treatment for your hands! The package includes a soak in water with a lemon slice, nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, lotion massage, steamed warm towel wrap your hand, and polish of your choice.

Gel Manicure $40
Deluxe Manicure $40

This treatment includes all the steps in the Regular Manicure and is followed by a sugar scrub, mask, and lotion to help remove dead skin cells to restore and refresh your skin.

Royal Manicure $55

The Royal Manicure includes all the benefits of the Deluxe Manicure, along with paraffin wax treatment. It rejuvenates your skin and makes your hands feel silky and smooth. it can also help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness.


We exercise extreme sanitation practices, including one-time-use liners, disposable tool kits, personal re-usable tools (nippers, clippers) that are sanitized between customers, and a state-of-the-art ventilation system to eliminate health risks.

Relax on our massage chair as we soak your feet. We give you a professional treatment that includes callus removal, sugar scrub clean your dead skin, steamed towel and lotion massage. The treatment is finished with a polish of your choice.


Our Deluxe Pedicure is designed to pamper your feet and elevate your mood. It includes all the services of our Spa Pedicure plus milk and honey sugar scrub, hydration mask, moisturizing milk and honey lotion, and extra steamed towels. This pedicure will leave your legs softer and younger-looking.


The ultimate pedicure treats your body and spirit by engaging the sense of smell. It also offers complete rejuvenation by naturally hydrating your skin with argan oil and botanical extracts. Enjoy the luxurious salt soak, followed by invigorating sugar scrub. We replenish the skin's natural hydration and draw out impurities with clay masks, followed by a cream massage for deep moisturization and radiant skin.

*Scent Options:

• Green Tea Detox • Eucalyptus Energy

• Charcoal Power Detox • Lemon Quench

• Hemp Relax • Olive Sensation

•Ocean Refresh • Cucumber Refresh

• Jasmine Soothe • Mango Delight


Relax and rejuvenate with Detox Volcano Spa, a new luxury spa that releases a fun, bubbling, and fizzing volcano eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities! Collagen cream cleanses and tightens pores, and the collagen lotion moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish. A revitalizing massage alleviates and re-energizes tired muscles. The treatment includes detox volcano crystals, detox volcano activator, exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen organic cream mask, and collagen organic massage lotion. * Scent Options:

• Lavender Eruption • Green Tea & Aloe Vera

• Honey Pearl • Tropical Citrus

• Romance


This is a delightful way to relax, soften, and disinfect skin treatment inspired by the fruit of the tropics. Tropical fruit scrub comes with essential vitamins and is used to exfoliate and polish the skin. We invite you to soak your feet in warm water with flowers, followed by exfoliation with a luxury brand Volcano Spa sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, and collagen massage lotion. In addition, freezing organic orange slices will leave you feeling refreshed. Also, it's deep cleansing and renewing your skin, making your legs look younger. 


This is a luxurious, fun, and sensational spa upgrade! Enjoy the new Jelly Spa Pedicure comfort, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. When we add Jelly Pedi to warm water, it becomes a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will retain its heat up to four times longer than regular water. The highlight of this fun foot treatment is the gelatin-like footbath which revitalizes the feet. It helps exfoliate as well as hydrate skin. Moreover, our upgraded Jelly Pedicure comes with fresh cucumber and lemon slices with the jelly bath. We use those to massage your feet and legs. Afterward, we put a mask on your legs and wrap it with fresh cucumber and lemon slices. This will help to renew the body, leaving you with healthy-looking skin. Finally, your feet and legs will be massaged with lotion.


Collagen Pedicure help improves the skin's appearance. It contains rich, effective formulas, including a mask and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day. The added collagen also improves the skin's elasticity. Enjoy this luxury pedicure with Collagen Bubble Crystals, Collagen Sugar Scrub, Collagen Cream Mask, Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel Collagen Massage Lotion, and Collagen Serum Lotion. Moreover, you will receive a free Collagen Serum Lotion with a fabulous scent that you can take home with you to apply to your body.

* Scent Options:

• Crystal Waters • No. 5 Perfume

• Lavender & Lace • Sweet Orange

• Lemon Splash


Our Super Deluxe CBD 24k possesses therapeutic benefits that can aid in lowering stress and relieving aches & pains while reducing any inflammation. Enjoy the ultimate relationship with our CBD detox volcano crystals & CBD detox volcano activation mixture, creating a bubbling reaction that moisturizes and detoxes the skin. This treatment will also include everything of Oasis Pedicure but with extra 20 minutes of massage.


The best pedicure treatment ever!

Immerse your tired and achy hands and feet in a restoration bath of sake and ginger. You can feel the muscle tension melt away. Treasured by geishas for its renewing properties, sake, aids in removing dead skin cells, while ginger stimulates healthy circulation. Following the application of our very own ginger scrub, your legs will be cocooned in a ginger-rich mask, followed by the Thai Reflexology massage with warm sake ginger oil. Finally, we finish with a milk and honey lotion massage.


Want to feel like a queen for a while? Then, you are in the right place! Our VIP Room offers you the best of the spa in a private room that is just yours. Enjoy this treatment that combines the Luxury Pedicure Chair with a hand and neck massage in ultimate quiet and calm. And with free wine, there's nothing more you would need to kick back and relax!

Hot Stone Massage $10
Paraffin Treatment $15
Hot Stone Massage & Paraffin Treatment $20 (Save $5)

Healthy Nails Enhancement

Manicure Add-on (cuticle cleaning & quick lotion massage) $10 (save $15)
Hybrid Gel Full Set / Fill-ins $65 + / $50 +
No odor, no chemicals, or burning! It causes no damage to real nails and lasts long while looking natural.
Liquid Gel Full Set / Fill-ins $65 + / $50 +
No odor, no chemicals! It is non-yellowing, lightweight, and lasts long.
Sprinkle Gel Full Set / Fill-ins $55 + / $45 +
No odor, no chemicals! It causes no damage to real nails and lasts long while looking natural. You don't have to take off every time!


No odor, no chemicals, and UV light! It causes no damage to real nails and lasts long while looking natural
Dipping Powder $45 +
Pink & White $55 +
Ombre $60 +


Full Set

Acrylic $40 +
Acrylic with Gel Polish $55 +
Acrylic with Color Powder $55 +
Acrylic with White Tip $45 +
Pink & White $55 +
Ombre $65 +


Acrylic $30 +
Acrylic with Gel Polish $45 +
Acrylic with Color Powder $35 + / $45 +
Acrylic with White Tip $35 +
Pink & White $35 + / $50 +
Ombre $45 + / $60 +


Polish Change on Hands/Toes $15 + / $20 +
Gel Polish Change on Hands/Toes $25 + / $30 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Gel Take-off (Cut & Shape) $10 +
Dip Take-off without Services (Cut & Shape) $10 +
Acrylic Take-off with/without Service $5 + / $15 +
Shape (Coffin, Almond, Stiletto) $5 +
French/Curve French $5 +
Extra Length $5 +
Gel Polish $15 +
Cat Eye $10 +
Ombre $15 +
Chrome Powder $10 +
Nail Cut / Toenail Cut $10 + / $15 +
Simple Nail Design $10 +
Complicated Nail Design $35 +


Cluster $40 +
Keratin Lash Lift $70 +

Keratin Lash Lift uses French technology to make your straight eyelashes stay curled for 4-6 weeks. It contains no harsh chemicals.

Keratin Lash Lift & Tint $90 +
Individual Mink Lashes Full Set $130 +
Individual Mink Lashes Fill-Ins $60 +
Hybrid Mink Lashes Full Set $160 +
Hybrid Mink Lashes Fill-Ins $70 +
Volume Mink Lashes Full Set $190 +
Volume Mink Lashes Fill-Ins $80 +
Lash Removal $25 +


Eyebrow Waxing & Henna Tinting $35 +
Eyebrows $15 +
Lip $5 +
Chin $10 +
Sideburns $15 +
Full Face $40 +
Underarms $20 +
Forearms $25 +
Full Arms $40 +
Half Legs $40 +
Full Legs $55 +
Bikini $40 +
Brazilian $60 +
Chest $40 +
Belly $10 +


Eyebrow $20
Lip $10
Chin $15
Sideburns $20
Full Face $60


Refreshing Facial (30 mins) $50
Great for those on the go. Your skin will be nicely cleansed, exfoliated, massaged leaving you totally refreshed and renewed.
Noire Facial (60mins) $85
The deep-cleansing facial treatment helps repair facial skin and provides essential nourishment and protection. Your skin will be cleansed, steamed, and vacuumed and your pores will be gently extracted. Then followed with a facial massage, facial mask, serum and moisturizer decollete and shoulder massage. Deep cleansing facials are a good choice if your skin lacks moisture and is prone to breakouts.
Anti-Aging(60 mins) $100
Help your skin fight against the signs of aging. Nourish and soothe the lines on your face. This superb treatment infuses the skin with concentrated Vitamin C. This anti-aging facial combines a glycolic peel with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and anti-aging treatment with Galvanic current. Your skin will be brighter, firmer, and more radiant. Relax and rehydrate your scalp, hands, and feet with a calming massage